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I created Harpoon Cables at the beginning of 2016. My goal was to offer high quality, inexpensive cables with limitless amounts of customization. 

From our website:


Harpoon Cables is your one-stop-shop for high quality pro audio cables. We specialize in custom, hard to find cables and offer them at affordable prices. Each and every cable is hand assembled, soldered, and tested at our facility in order to ensure  the highest quality possible. We offer all of our cables at any desired length so if you don't see the length you want on our products page, just email us at and we'll be happy to assist you. 


Here at Harpoon Cables, we do not believe in using plastic molded connectors on our cables. All of our cables are assembled with high-quality metal-housed connectors to not only ensure durability, but also provide access for cable maintenance.  Our mission is to marry the low prices of assembly-line plastic cables with the quality of custom built cables. 


We are also proud to offer our custom cable service. In the custom cable section of our website, you can design the exact cable you are looking for by choosing connectors, cable type, cable length, and heat shrink color. 

Take a minute and look through our products. Were constantly adding new cables to the site and are always taking custom orders. 

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